Six on a Saturday 24.2.18

  1. 1. Fell in love all over again with Cyclamen hederifolium foliage.Such a generous plant: flower, foliage, seed. It will grow in very tough spots. Just lovely.

    2. Also, very much admired the glossy winter foliage of Acanthus mollis. Contrasted with Cyanara in the photo.

    3. Couldn’t help myself with this Hellibore from Lyn’s garden. It was just at its peak.

    4. Bought a plant labeller, after recommendations from other Sixers. Can’t spell.

    5. Bought a shed load of plants to go in clients’ gardens next week. Now it’s gonna snow and I will have to reschedule. Grrrr!

    6. Today the St Mary’s/ Village residents’ Burials in Bloom competition went live! Very excited. You just have to select a neglected grave, assess it, inform me which one, sign the rules and set about tending and planting it whenever you like. The graves will be judged on the 10th July. There will be prizes. Small ones. On the 31st March between 10-12 there will be an opening event for those who want advice. Let’s hope it warms up by then!

13 thoughts on “Six on a Saturday 24.2.18

  1. Also love the burials in bloom, even w/o the prize. Think of the offshoot lessons should the local school take up the project. How fun! You remind me to think foliage, think foliage, especially this time of year. Love the new blog!

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  2. I am a big fan of graveyards, ever since having to walk through one on the way to school. Wish I were closer and I would definitely enter, such a wonderful project. I am still in the honeymoon period with my labeller, everything is getting labelled, whether it needs it or not!


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