Six on Saturday 10.3.18

  1. Perhaps due to the cold weather and with very little photographic tweaking, I present to you this Ivy. What a colour! Just love the veining on the leaf.
  2. Surprises in a garden are really important, I think. Things popping up unexpectedly and in places you didn’t put them. I was weeding a hedge bottom the other day and was enchanted by this Primula vulgaris in the prime of health.
  3. What is that abstract black and white line? It’s a young Rhus typhina stem in the light. Such a great plant. Such out of focus photography.
  4. Shrubs do outgrow their alloted spaces sometimes. This Eleagnus has been on my hit list for about ten months. On Thursday, I took my loppers to it and brutalised it. It looks very drastic, but I am confident that it will be breaking out in new leaf shortly and looking good by this time next year. We’ll see. Dog not impressed with my efforts.
  5. New client, with fig tree. It will be dry and shady under there by Summer. So I planted Hakonochloa Aurea underneath. At the moment just dried up little tufts. You know when you imagine something really cool and nice? Then reality bites…
  6. Hamamelis Jelena, again. This time with lovely little rosettes of new growth. I am so glad I bought this shrub.

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 10.3.18

  1. That’s a stunning collage, Tim. I love every one of those photos. So remarkable. Aren’t gardens great? Are gardeners who can photograph their gardens even better?


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