Six on a Saturday 31.3.18

If you haven’t yet, have a casual glance at the instigator of all this madness, The Propagator’s website. You will soon be tangled in his evil web:


  1. You gotta have faith. Sometimes with new clients you just have to ask them to trust you. This sunny little front garden on a hill doesn’t look much now, but come June or July I can see it looking great, after all those dots of green grow into magnificent grasses and Salvias and Eryngiums and Stachys.


2. Nature is so full and abundant. Lesser celandine, with Allium trinquetum in the background, just looking lush and vigorous and fresh.


3. Muscari are everywhere this week and very beautiful they are too. However, their foliage is a dull eyesore the rest of the year. Are they worth it? Yes, but only in certain wilder areas of gardens for me. Or in pots to use with daffodils and primulas.


4. I have the pleasure of working in several very well established gardens. They may be a bit overgrown and unruly, but what you gain is an immense fullness to the planting. Not one or two Pulmonarias but scores. Not a patch of Cyclamen but a quilted bedspread. Very satisfying and a great mine of propagating material. Thanks, Mrs W!


5. On Tuesday, in the pelting rain, I drove out to Essex to meet Margot Grice. She is the distributor for the HPS’s conservation plant programme. I had begged for plants to help with my St Mary’s long bed project. I expected a few. What I got was this lot. Loads. All rare and hard-to-get but considered very worthy garden plants. What treasure, what booty! Thanks a lot, Margot, and big up the HPS. If you haven’t joined yet, then do so, it is the subscription which keeps on paying dividends. I will be spreading the word about their excellent work to anyone who will listen.

6. Space, the final frontier. Unlike Captain Kirk et al, I am not boldly going, I am nervously tip toeing. Running out of room, at this stage. There are plants on windowsill, plants on walls, on pallets, in cold frames, behind the sofa, next to my daughter’s bed, on top of propagators and on the decking. Many haven’t germinated and been pricked out yet. What am I going to do for April, before they can go outside to harden off? Nice problem to have though.

23 thoughts on “Six on a Saturday 31.3.18

  1. Space. The final impediment! I remember buying a bigger greenhouse and about a week later wishing I’d bought an even bigger one. I now have a small collection of those little things covered in plastic but with wheels. They get wheeled out of the greenhouse every morning so I can get in and wheeled back in in the evening when I have come out. Later on, a car will double up as a greenhouse, making each shopping trip about 30 minutes longer. No doubt Mr Prop will join with me in lauding your publicity for the HPS. Though please don’t mention Muscari!

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  2. Wow. Stunning pulmonaria! Mine is at least trying now, but ‘could do better’. Also muscari. I’m a bit mean to mine, but they are lovely. Love seeing all those plants waiting to go out.

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  3. I agree about older, established gardens. Besides the joy you described, the abundance, I’ve also learned so much about garden design from these patches. Love the celandine & allium combo. Very woodland. You’ve had a good week despite the rain (although I saw elsewhere you’ve been physically well watered).

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