Scorchio, Six on Saturday, 29.6.19

The one where Summer colour rules


  1. I love the colour, the crinkled petals and the ephemeral nature of Cistus incanus in flower. And they love the 30 degree plus heat we are currently experiencing. These are lovely out of leaf too. No trouble on a sunny, gravel slope. Why wouldn’t you?


2. Veronica Ink. Nice spike, nice blue, about knee high to a short man. The thing I learned this week is the horticultural application of the word “fascination”. It is when a plant puts out unusual or distorted growth and has a range of causes, apparently. Well these are prone to it, which is why I looked it up. There is a Veronicastrum called Fascination, which I assumed was a slightly hyperbolic and romantic name for the plant, but may be related to this phenomenon.


3. A little scene involving Santolina Primrose Gem, Origanum Aureum Crispum and Crambe maritima. Quite happy with this. Some say that the Crambe’s new shoots are tasty and I might find out soon, when the client’s backs are turned.


4. Another very happy sunbather is Ricinus communis. I bought three for £1.50 each from a car boot in Suffolk a few weeks ago. There was a lovely old boy who had some interesting self-grown plants. They have been steadily rising, but I expect them to shoot up this week.


5. I planted these pots for the vicar about six weeks ago and they are just coming in to their own. Salvia and Achillea is a classic Summer combination, but the Festuca brings something to the party too.


6. The wooden planters on Church Hill, planted in March are just coming into their prime too. Perhaps a bit too crowded, they need some editing, but there is lots to interest the eye and attract litter here!

If you like this kind of thing, then check out the fountainhead of all things six, The Propagator:



10 thoughts on “Scorchio, Six on Saturday, 29.6.19

  1. I also have ricinus, but they take off slowly. In the ground for 2 months, they don’t exceed 80 cm and start to have flowers. However, we have a very beautiful and hot weather: an idea? the soil ? Do you feed them?

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  2. I’m also swooning over the santolina. Just need to find a bit of space. How tall are your ricinus at the moment? Your photo makes it look like it’s 10″ tall, but I seem to remember you don’t mind getting down on your knees for a good shot. Beautiful snap, whatever the height.


  3. I never heard of ‘Primrose Gem’ Santolina! I know of only two cultivars that I don’t even know by name. I just know them as ‘green’ and ‘gray’. Both are excellent, and excellently aromatic where they get warm.


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